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Night Flower Soap

Night Flower Soap

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Jasmine essential oil in Night Flower Soap demonstrates antioxidant properties and is associated with heightened mood and decreased stress. This artisanal soap is formulated to generate a luxurious, velvety lather.



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Night Flower Soap


Jasmine has been found to possess antioxidant properties, with its essential oil noted for its potential to heighten mood. Additionally, studies have shown that Jasmine may have efficacy in reducing the amount of breast milk, treating skin afflictions, and accelerating wound healing. Moreover, its antispasmodic capabilities are thought to be beneficial in curbing indigestion and controlling stomach cramps, in addition to lessening inflammation. Lastly, those exposed to Jasmine have reported an enhanced mood and a decrease in stress and food cravings, likely attributed to its stimulating effect.


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