The Truth about Bath Bombs

The Truth about Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs have two active ingredients react together to release the medicinal gas.  On a molecular level, sodium bicarbonate is the combination of sodium (salt) and bicarbonate, which is another form of carbon dioxide. Bicarbonate, the acid-neutralizing portion of sodium bicarbonate, is naturally produced by the human body and used to buffer excess acidity. It is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, which has been found to kill candida – the fungus responsible for yeast infections – as well as many other fungal strains that commonly infect human skin and nails.  Bath Bombs are a compact and simple way to carbonate your bath water and they are an integral part of traditional healing called Balneotherapy.

Balneotherapy, an ancient traditional form of immersion therapy in warm, mineral-rich, often carbonated spring water for the treatment of disease. Balneotherapy has also been known as spa therapy, mineral baths, hydropathy, hydrotherapy, water cure, water therapy, aquatic therapy, and pool therapy. There are basically three main ways to obtain balneotherapy – by bathing in a sea or ocean, in a natural spring, or in a bath tub.

Three pillars of therapy


Bathing in warm or hot water has many benefits including, elevating the body temperature, which directly raises the metabolic rate, opens and cleanse the pores, and promotes release/elimination of toxic chemicals stored within fat cells.


One of carbon dioxide’s primary roles is to dilate blood vessels. This allows for increased blood circulation throughout the entire body, which is one of the main reasons why CO2 baths are so effective at reducing high blood pressure and treating cardiac ailments.


Minerals are required by the body for a number of functions, including to power metabolism within cells. Minerals dissolved in water are readily absorbed through the skin during a bath. Baths containing minerals are beneficial for health


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