Upcycle - Glass Jars and Bottles

Welcome to Red Aries Rising  Glassware Upcycling Program

♻️🌍 Let's make a difference together! 🤝💯

Red Aries Rising is excited to announce our new glassware buy back program to help reduce waste and promote sustainable living. ♻️

🍃 For every glass jar or bottle you return with original labels, metal lids, plastic yogurt jar lids, spray cap, serum pump caps, or dropper tops that are cleaned with soap, rinsed, returned undamaged with no cracks;  you may be eligible to receive store credit in the amount of $0.50 for each glass bottle and $0.50 for each glass jar sized mini - large.  The extra large jars and large glass candle vessels are eligible for $.75 - $1.00 credit.

🛍️ Returns are accepted at listed market locations with 72 hour notice. Simply complete the contact form with email to recieve eligibility form.

🙅‍♀️ Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any glassware that we are not able to reuse or if we are unable to determine the glassware was used for Red Aries Rising products. While we may accept your items for recycling, they may be excluded from the upcycling program, and therefore no credit will be issued.  Your items will be examined during drop off to determine eligibility and amount of credit to be issued.

🧾 Don't forget to print copy of form emailed with you to drop off as it will be your receipt.  After you will receive email to confirm your credit.

♻️🌎 Let's all do our part to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future. ♻️🌎

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